AG Choijeongho Minburi RegularAG Superblack Gothic RegularAGmyrrh2015 CubicAGmyrrh2015 LineAGmyrrh2015 MazeAGmyrrh2015 OpenAGmyrrh2015 RegularAGmyrrh2015 SolidAGleesang2013 BoldAGleesang2013 ExtraBoldAGleesang2013 ExtraLightAGleesang2013 LightAGleesang2013 MediumAG Choijeongho Std. RegularAG Hunminjeongeum RegularAG Mano 2014 ExtraLightAG Mano 2014 LightAG Mano 2014 MediumAG Mano 2014 BoldAG Mano 2014 ExtraBoldAG Ahnsangsoo 2012 BoldAG Ahnsangsoo 2012 MediumAG Ahnsangsoo 2012 ExtraBoldAG Ahnsangsoo 2012 LightAG Ahnsangsoo 2012 ExtraLightAG AhnsangsooRound ExtraLightAG AhnsangsooRound LightAG AhnsangsooRound MediumAG AhnsangsooRound BoldAG AhnsangsooRound ExtraBoldCheongjo MediumCheongweol RegularChoseol LightChoseol RegularGoyo LightGoyo RegularGoyo SemiboldGoyo ThinShinsegye RegularAG Namsangjun PlainAG Namsangjun StripedOptique Display BoldOptique Display RegularHongkaiti RegularMin Gothic RegularDunkel Sans CondensedDunkel Sans MediumDunkel Sans ExpandedArvana RegularArvana BlackSanuwha LightSanuwha RegularSanuwha BoldDunkel Sans Glatt CondensedDunkel Sans Glatt MediumDunkel Sans Glatt ExpandedSpring Snow RegularNormalBatang RegularAG Choijeongho Minburi MediumAG Choijeongho Minburi Bold310 Masil 10310 Masil 20310 Masil 30310 Masil 40310 Masil 50310 Masil 60310 Masil 70310 Masil 80310 U-haehae B310 U-haehae L310 Ahn Sam-yeol310 DoenBuri310 DoenGothic310 dong-dong B310 dong-dong L310 dong-dong M310 junginjaNohSoriPro BlackNohSoriPro BoldNohSoriPro ExtraBoldNohSoriPro MediumNohSoriPro RegularNohSoriPro SemiBoldMaru Buri LightMaru Buri ExtraLightMaru Buri RegularMaru Buri SemiBoldMaru Buri BoldParkMingyuChulaeOrtank Display BlackOrtank Display ThinOrtank Text Italic87MM ILSANG Regular87MM ILSANG ObliqueOrtank Display Black ItalicOrtank Display BoldOrtank Display Bold ItalicOrtank Display ExtraBoldOrtank Display ExtraBold ItalicOrtank Display ExtraLightOrtank Display ExtraLight ItalicOrtank Display ItalicOrtank Display LightOrtank Display Light ItalicOrtank Display MediumOrtank Display Medium ItalicOrtank Display RegularOrtank Display SemiBoldOrtank Display SemiBold ItalicOrtank Display Thin ItalicOrtank Text Black ItalicOrtank Text BlackOrtank Text BoldOrtank Text Bold ItalicOrtank Text ExtraBold ItalicOrtank Text ExtraBoldOrtank Text ExtraLight ItalicOrtank Text ExtraLight Ortank Text LightOrtank Text Light ItalicOrtank Text Medium ItalicOrtank Text MediumOrtank Text RegularOrtank Text SemiBold ItalicOrtank Text SemiBoldOrtank Text Thin ItalicOrtank Text ThinLemanic Text BlackLemanic Text Black ItalicLemanic Text BoldLemanic Text Bold ItalicLemanic Text BookLemanic Text Book ItalicLemanic Text ExtraBoldLemanic Text ExtraBold ItalicLemanic Text ItalicLemanic Text LightLemanic Text Light ItalicLemanic Text MediumLemanic Text Medium ItalicLemanic Text RegularLemanic Text SemiBoldLemanic Text SemiBold ItalicLemanic Text ThinLemanic Text Thin ItalicLemanic Display BlackLemanic Display Black ItalicLemanic Display BoldLemanic Display Bold ItalicLemanic Display BookLemanic Display Book ItalicLemanic Display ExtraBoldLemanic Display ExtraBold ItalicLemanic Display ItalicLemanic Display LightLemanic Display Light ItalicLemanic Display MediumLemanic Display Medium ItalicLemanic Display RegularLemanic Display SemiBoldLemanic Display SemiBold ItalicLemanic Display ThinLemanic Display Thin ItalicHappiness Sans RegularHappiness Sans BoldHappiness Sans TitleSnello BlackSnello BlackItalicSnello BoldSnello BoldItalicSnello SemiBoldSnello SemiBoldItalicSnello MediumSnello MediumItalicSnello RegularSnello RegularItalicSnello LightSnello LightItalicAG Ahnsangsoo Stripe BoldGiparan ThinGiparan ExtraLightGiparan LightGiparan RegularGiparan MediumGiparan SemiBoldGiparan BoldGiparan ExtraBoldGiparan BlackAG Ahnsangsoo Variable - Webfont Only310 Pu-hahahBlazefaceHangeulv0.6-12PointBlazefaceHangeulv0.6-14PointBlazefaceHangeulv0.6-16PointBlazefaceHangeulv0.6-18PointBlazefaceHangeulv0.6-24PointBlazefaceHangeulv0.6-36PointBlazefaceHangeulv0.6-48PointBlazefaceHangeulv0.6-60PointBlazefaceHangeulv0.6-72PointArvana ThinAG Superblack Myeongjo RegularAG MadangDisplayArvana BoldArvana MediumArvana LightArvana ExtraLightAG Choijeongho Screen RegularAG Choijeongho Screen SemiBoldAG Choijeongho Screen BoldNormalBatang-BoldFuzar-BlackFuzar-BlackItalicFuzar-BoldFuzar-BoldItalicFuzar-ExtraBoldFuzar-ExtraBoldItalicFuzar-ExtraLightFuzar-ExtraLightItalicFuzar-ItalicFuzar-LightFuzar-LightItalicFuzar-MediumFuzar-MediumItalicFuzar-RegularFuzar-SemiBoldFuzar-SemiBoldItalicFuzar-ThinFuzar-ThinItalicFuzar SemiCondensed-BlackFuzar SemiCondensed-BlackItalicFuzar SemiCondensed-BoldFuzar SemiCondensed-BoldItalicFuzar SemiCondensed-ExtraBoldFuzar SemiCondensed-ExtraBoldItalicFuzar SemiCondensed-ExtraLightFuzar SemiCondensed-ExtraLightItalicFuzar SemiCondensed-ItalicFuzar SemiCondensed-LightFuzar SemiCondensed-LightItalicFuzar SemiCondensed-MediumFuzar SemiCondensed-MediumItalicFuzar SemiCondensed-RegularFuzar SemiCondensed-SemiBoldFuzar SemiCondensed-SemiBoldItalicFuzar SemiCondensed-ThinFuzar SemiCondensed-ThinItalicFuzar Condensed-BlackFuzar Condensed-BlackItalicFuzar Condensed-BoldFuzar Condensed-BoldItalicFuzar Condensed-ExtraBoldFuzar Condensed-ExtraBoldItalicFuzar Condensed-ExtraLightFuzar Condensed-ExtraLightItalicFuzar Condensed-ItalicFuzar Condensed-LightFuzar Condensed-LightItalicFuzar Condensed-MediumFuzar Condensed-MediumItalicFuzar Condensed-RegularFuzar Condensed-SemiBoldFuzar Condensed-SemiBoldItalicFuzar Condensed-ThinFuzar Condensed-ThinItalicOrtankHangeulDisplay-BlackOrtankHangeulDisplay-BoldOrtankHangeulDisplay-ExtraBoldOrtankHangeulDisplay-ExtraLightOrtankHangeulDisplay-LightOrtankHangeulDisplay-MediumOrtankHangeulDisplay-RegularOrtankHangeulDisplay-SemiBoldOrtankHangeulDisplay-ThinOrtankHangeulText-BlackOrtankHangeulText-BoldOrtankHangeulText-ExtraBoldOrtankHangeulText-ExtraLightOrtankHangeulText-LightOrtankHangeulText-MediumOrtankHangeulText-RegularOrtankHangeulText-SemiBoldOrtankHangeulText-ThinBitanzaPorcini RegularSangAAG Superblack Gothic-CondensedNeutronicHangeul-BlackNeutronicHangeul-BoldNeutronicHangeul-ExtraboldNeutronicHangeul-ExtralightNeutronicHangeul-HeavyNeutronicHangeul-LightNeutronicHangeul-MediumNeutronicHangeul-RegularNeutronicHangeul-SemiboldNeutronicHangeul-ThinNeutronicHangeul-CompressedBlackNeutronicHangeul-CompressedBoldNeutronicHangeul-CompressedExtraboldNeutronicHangeul-CompressedExtralightNeutronicHangeul-CompressedHeavyNeutronicHangeul-CompressedLightNeutronicHangeul-CompressedMediumNeutronicHangeul-CompressedRegularNeutronicHangeul-CompressedSemiboldNeutronicHangeul-CompressedThinDunkelSerif-MediumDunkelSerif-ExpandedDunkelSerif-CondensedDunkelSerif-DisplayCondensedDunkelSerif-DisplayExpandedDunkelSerif-DisplayMediumDragon-HeavyDragon-HighlightUmamor-ExtraBoldChallan-AExtraBoldChallan-BExtraBoldAG DailyAG NextAG FountainAG MONSTERAG MORRIGANAG Latin PackageBonebone-ThinBonebone-LightBonebone-RegularBonebone-Medium

AG NamSangJun

Occamy - A plumed, two-legged, winged creature with a serpentine body, resembling a cross between a dragon and a bird. Hatched from eggs, the shells of which are made of the purest silver and worth a fortune. It is choranaptyxic, meaning it will grow or shrink to fit available space.

Considering the harmony with other alphabets, the decoration is added to ‘C’, ‘G’ in Plain and ‘O’, ‘Q’ are simple in Striped.

In the case of Striped, the end of the stroke is split so that you can feel traces of tools such as ‘A’, ‘U’.

Plain emphasized a more curved and elastic impression with the characteristics of a leather brush, while Striped simplified the straight feeling of a bamboo brush and arranged the part where the strokes meet.

AG NamSangJun / 60pt / Plain


AG NamSangJun / 60pt / Striped

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

AG NamSangJun / 24pt / Plain

Of late years, however, the Court has been overrun by a host of “professors” who profess to have the secret of immortality.
Now supposing that such beings as immortals really did exist—Would they not be likely to hide themselves in deep mountain recesses, far from the ken of man? On the other hand, persons who hang about the

AG NamSangJun / 34pt / Striped

“From the last left a letter came, To say his brothers twain On the same battle-field were laid, Among the heaps of slain.

AG NamSangJun / 48pt / Plain

“Not long can he elude Death’s grasp, Who liveth yet in gloom; And for the two, their lot is fixed Unchanging in the

AG NamSangJun / 135pt / Striped


AG NamSangJun / 135pt / Plain

The Elixir of Life


Compatible OS

Windows XP

Windows XP Vista

Windows XP 7

Windows XP 8

Windows XP 10

Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

Mac OS X 10.9 (Mevericks)

Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)

Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)

Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra)

Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra)

Mac OS X 10.14 (Mojave)

Mac OS X 10.15 (Catalina)

Font Format



Memory 1 GB or more (recommended)

Hard disk 50MB

Characters Set

Latin 261 letters(Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extenede-A)

Symbol 123 letters

Internal Code


Product Features

Not Available on Mac OS X Classic

Not available on all softwares that does not support OTF

Kerning is not supported on any software that supports OTF but does not support open-type functionality


Original Drawings

Nam Sang-joon


Ahn Sang-soo, Ku Mo-a, Kim Hyun-jin


Kim Hyun-jin


AG Typography Institute



License 1

For Printing Purposes

Publications - texts and titles of books, periodicals, etc.

Advertisements - newspaper, magazine, paper, etc.

Brochures, catalogs, DMs, shear, posters, calendars, manuals, etc. (Logo types such as CI, BI, etc., except for online embeddings)

For Web Image Creation

When creating a web image

Web Design - Web Images, Web Banner Advertisements, E-mail, etc.

Others - Webtoons, e-catalogs, electronic brochures, newsletters, etc. (excluding logo types)

When creating a web image

For Application Image Creation

Images used for application

For Creating General Documents

Common documents

License 2

Commercial products, Installations

Outdoor installations, advertisements (signboards, information boards, etc.)

Products using Korean alphabet - T-shirts, stamps, key chains, mugs, stickers, household items, stationery

Secondary production results for online sales - skins for web, menu bars, etc.

Per Inquiry

License 3


Company name, brand name, product name, logo type, marks

License 4

For Videos

When used for subtitles and graphics for entire video

Broadcasting - terrestrial, cable, DMB, satellite broadcasting, subway broadcasting,

Internet broadcasting, etc.

Movies - movies, movie trailers, animations, DVDs, videos, etc.

e-Learning Content - Video Courses, Flash Courses, etc.

Other - TV-CF, music videos, promotional videos, exhibition videos, online videos, etc.

For Embedding


When Producing books, newspapers, etc. in e-Book (e-pub, PDF, etc.)


For Application UI and embedding


Equipped with game-related devices (online, mobile, video) and production of

packaging, consoles, arcades, etc.

Electric Devices

Mounted on electronic devices, communication devices, MP3 players, PMPs, printers,

electronic dictionaries, set-top boxes, home network systems, navigation and high-pass

devices, etc.


For use as a font for web UI and web server


For services that mount or share a font file through a server.

Electronic signboards and guidance system equipment (systems), ATM devices, automated systems, etc.
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