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RegularAG Hunminjeongeum RegularAG Mano 2014 ExtraLightAG Mano 2014 LightAG Mano 2014 MediumAG Mano 2014 BoldAG Mano 2014 ExtraBoldAG Ahnsangsoo 2012 BoldAG Ahnsangsoo 2012 MediumAG Ahnsangsoo 2012 ExtraBoldAG Ahnsangsoo 2012 LightAG Ahnsangsoo 2012 ExtraLightAG AhnsangsooRound ExtraLightAG AhnsangsooRound LightAG AhnsangsooRound MediumAG AhnsangsooRound BoldAG AhnsangsooRound ExtraBoldCheongjo MediumCheongweol RegularChoseol LightChoseol RegularGoyo LightGoyo RegularGoyo SemiboldGoyo ThinShinsegye RegularAG Namsangjun PlainAG Namsangjun StripedOptique Display BoldOptique Display RegularHongkaiti RegularMin Gothic RegularDunkel Sans CondensedDunkel Sans MediumDunkel Sans ExpandedArvana RegularArvana BlackSanuwha LightSanuwha RegularSanuwha BoldDunkel Sans Glatt CondensedDunkel Sans Glatt MediumDunkel Sans Glatt ExpandedSpring Snow RegularNormalBatang RegularAG Choijeongho Minburi MediumAG Choijeongho Minburi Bold310 Masil 10310 Masil 20310 Masil 30310 Masil 40310 Masil 50310 Masil 60310 Masil 70310 Masil 80310 U-haehae B310 U-haehae L310 Ahn Sam-yeol310 DoenBuri310 DoenGothic310 dong-dong B310 dong-dong L310 dong-dong M310 junginjaNohSoriPro BlackNohSoriPro BoldNohSoriPro ExtraBoldNohSoriPro MediumNohSoriPro RegularNohSoriPro SemiBoldMaru Buri LightMaru Buri ExtraLightMaru Buri RegularMaru Buri SemiBoldMaru Buri BoldParkMingyuChulaeOrtank Display BlackOrtank Display ThinOrtank Text Italic87MM ILSANG Regular87MM ILSANG ObliqueOrtank Display Black ItalicOrtank Display BoldOrtank Display Bold ItalicOrtank Display ExtraBoldOrtank Display ExtraBold ItalicOrtank Display ExtraLightOrtank Display ExtraLight ItalicOrtank Display ItalicOrtank Display LightOrtank Display Light ItalicOrtank Display MediumOrtank Display Medium ItalicOrtank Display RegularOrtank Display SemiBoldOrtank Display SemiBold ItalicOrtank Display Thin ItalicOrtank Text Black ItalicOrtank Text BlackOrtank Text BoldOrtank Text Bold ItalicOrtank Text ExtraBold ItalicOrtank Text ExtraBoldOrtank Text ExtraLight ItalicOrtank Text ExtraLight Ortank Text LightOrtank Text Light ItalicOrtank Text Medium ItalicOrtank Text MediumOrtank Text RegularOrtank Text SemiBold ItalicOrtank Text SemiBoldOrtank Text Thin ItalicOrtank Text ThinLemanic Text BlackLemanic Text Black ItalicLemanic Text BoldLemanic Text Bold ItalicLemanic Text BookLemanic Text Book ItalicLemanic Text ExtraBoldLemanic Text ExtraBold ItalicLemanic Text ItalicLemanic Text LightLemanic Text Light ItalicLemanic Text MediumLemanic Text Medium ItalicLemanic Text RegularLemanic Text SemiBoldLemanic Text SemiBold ItalicLemanic Text ThinLemanic Text Thin ItalicLemanic Display BlackLemanic Display Black ItalicLemanic Display BoldLemanic Display Bold ItalicLemanic Display BookLemanic Display Book ItalicLemanic Display ExtraBoldLemanic Display ExtraBold ItalicLemanic Display ItalicLemanic Display LightLemanic Display Light ItalicLemanic Display MediumLemanic Display Medium ItalicLemanic Display RegularLemanic Display SemiBoldLemanic Display SemiBold ItalicLemanic Display ThinLemanic Display Thin ItalicHappiness Sans RegularHappiness Sans BoldHappiness Sans TitleSnello BlackSnello BlackItalicSnello BoldSnello BoldItalicSnello SemiBoldSnello SemiBoldItalicSnello MediumSnello MediumItalicSnello RegularSnello RegularItalicSnello LightSnello LightItalicAG Ahnsangsoo Stripe BoldGiparan ThinGiparan ExtraLightGiparan LightGiparan RegularGiparan MediumGiparan SemiBoldGiparan BoldGiparan ExtraBoldGiparan BlackAG Ahnsangsoo Variable - 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한글 디자이너 최정호

Hangeul Designer Choi Jeongho

소개 Introduction

Selected as an excellent publishing content in 2014 by the Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea

The life of typeface designer Choi Jeongho, who devoted his life to Hangeul design, forms an important part of history of the publishing and design world. 『Hangeul Designer Choi Jeongho』 looks back on his life through the voices of people who remember him. This book also systematically and logically analyzes numerous typefaces that Choi designed while traveling between Korea and Japan. Based on this analysis, the book carefully follows the genealogy of Choi's Hangeul typefaces to find where they are situated on today's topographic map of typefaces made up of Myeongjo and gothic fonts. Each chapter of this book is typeset with digital fonts that continue the genealogy of Choi's Hangeul typefaces and contains vivid photos of his works along with the original drawings of these typefaces that had never been made public before.


차례 Contents








Life of Choi Jeongho


Collected Works of Choi Jeongho


Hangeul Typefaces by Choi Jeongho


My Experiences, My Attempts


Collection of Hangeul Typefaces by Choi Jeongho






정보 Information

Writers: Ahn Sang-soo, Noh Eun-you

Publisher: Ahn Graphics

Design: Generalgraphics

First Edition Publishing: December, 2014

Size: 304p, 175*238mm

Language: Hangeul

ISBN: 978-89-7059-774-4

Price: ₩30,000


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